How to setup Meris Ottbit Jr. Editor via Meris I/O > MC8

Has anyone had success connecting Meris Ottobit Jr. to the online editor through MC8?

I have turned on Cross-Thru in settings and i have using the Meris I/O directly to the MC8 5pin In and Outs

Im wondering the the issue is related to how rh3 MC8 inputs and outputs are numbered.

For inputs its list 1 to 5

For outputs it omits 1 and lists 2 to 5.

I see the omniports are numbered 1 to 4. Does anyone know what the 5pin in and out are numbered?

On Windows, the USB MIDI Inputs and Outputs don’t match 1 to 1. There is an additional MIDI Output in the system, which is why the MIDI Output is offset by 1.

This is unrelated to the Omniport or 5 pin ports.

The list of inputs and outputs are showing the USB virtual MIDI ports from the MC8. There are 4 USB virtual MIDI ports available. In the controller settings, there is a USB Virtual MIDI port setting. If set to 1, MIDI messages are sent only on Port 1 (this would be Input 1 and Output 2 in your case). If set to 2, MIDI messages are sent on Port 1 and 2.

You should try using MIDI Input 1 and MIDI Output 2 first.

Do note that in Windows, if a software is using the MIDI port (like the editor) then it cannot be used by another software.