How to set Hedra so that midi keyboard controls harmonies

Hi, I’m a newbie. I’ve followed the .PDF of the Hedra manual
and, globally , set everything to what should work:

  1. I set it to Midi Thru (instead of Midi out).
  2. I have Midi out from my keyboard to Midi in on the **Midi I/O **
    breakout box
  3. I have the # 1 send going from my Midi I/O box to my Hedra
    Expression pedal (using a balanced plug)
  4. I have the external pedal on the Hedra set to MIDI in my Global Settings

and NADA. I got it to work before but have been ill for several months. Am I missing something obvious, here?

PS I’ve got my AUDIO OUT set to LEFT/MONO
and I’m hearing the pedal so I know my audio chain is correct.