How to set Aux Switch

Hi, I have a 2 Aux Switches box plugged in the EXP1 port of my MC6. I choose the Aux Switch mode in the Midi Editor Omniports configuration page.
My concern is that I don’t know how to give them any fonction like the built-in switches since I don’t find any settings page for this purpose. This is not specified in the manual.
Thanks for any help.

Hi. You enable a setting under your Morningstar Editor Settings so that a preset shows up when you press a switch. Shown in screenshot below.

I did it but it appears that the 2 switches clone the G and H presets already set. They don’t add new ones so they are not usable for my purpose as I wanted to add the fonction to any bank to switch back to Bank 1 with one of the ext Switches or am I wrong?

Yes, for the MC6, the aux switch allows you to control the presets on Page 2, so Presets G, H, I and I, J, K. There is no new presets to be controlled with the Aux switch.

They did add a few universal Aux settings. Look under “Controller Settings” in the editor, then change whichever omniport you are using to “Fixed Custom” selection. There you can choose what each of your buttons do. There is a bank up and bank down, but currently no “Jump to Bank X”
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This would help SOOOO much having this extra Aux setting instead of just Bank Up or Down.

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Ah, so the MC6 aux switches can control the second page, but not additional hidden presets like the MC8? Apologies for my previous inaccurate post!

Sorry. I have a single push button aux switch. When connected to Mc6 it runs preset G, can I change it to run preset L?

You would need to use the ring instead of the tip (or is it vice versa) on a TRS cable.

An easy way to do that is to get a Y cable that converts two mono inputs to a stereo (TRS) output.

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Great!!! Thanks so much!!!

An aux switch connected to Exp 1 will address presets G to I and an aux switch connected to Exp 2 will address presets J to L, I think.

For a three way switch, the tip switch will access one of those three presets. And the ring switch will operate another of those three presets. And the tip+ring switch will access the final preset of the three.

Whether a splitter cable into Exp 2 will let you access preset L I don’t know… it might be that it accesses presets J and K.

What does preset L do in your setup? Might be another way of accessing that function without an aux switch? Or maybe by using your switch as ‘Fixed Switch Custom’ and assigning a function that way?

Thank you!..This is vital info if you trying to setup aux switches…update youtube tutorials please!