How to more quickly jump to the next song in a set list?

I have organized my MC6 mkii such that each of the first few banks has a preset that corresponds to a different song, and the order of presets corresponds to our set list song order. This is great because it is easy to rearrange the order of songs/presets in any given bank.

Engaging a song’s preset jumps to a specific page in a specific bank that is dedicated to that song, from which different presets do different things for that song. To go to the next song in our set list, I first have to jump back to the set list page to then press the switch corresponding to the next song. Is there a way to setup one of the switches in each song’s dedicated page that would let me skip that step and take me directly to the next song in the list?

For example, let’s say Bank 1 page 1 has the first six songs in our set list. Switch A is assigned to “Hey Joe” and switch B is assigned to “Purple Haze.” Pressing switch A jumps to whichever page of whichever bank is dedicated to “Hey Joe.” I’d like to be able to press one of the six switches in the “Hey Joe” page to take me directly to whichever page in whichever bank is dedicated to “Purple Haze” instead of having to jump back to Bank 1 page 1 to press on switch B.

We play more than 30 songs per show so I can’t dedicate each bank to only one song. Each bank has to be dedicated to two songs (one per page).