How to make two buttons send cc messages when pressed simultaneously?

noob here - sorry.

I have my MC6 linked to my zoia - and I want to be able to press two buttons at once on the MC6 and the ZOIA do two different things.

I have both buttons working if I press them indivually. but if I press them both at once, or press one when the other is already pressed nothing happens (only the action of the first button - the second button being pressed dosn’t add on top - if that makes sense.)

I’m building a patch where you press one button and the octave above signal kicks in.
Another button introduces an octave below.
and if you press the two buttons at once I want an octave above and an octave below at once (the bit I can’t do).

any tips would be great.



Hi. You can’t press two buttons at once to trigger presets. But you could do this with different actions on the same button, or using toggle or shift. Suggest the Morningstar YouTube channel - some ace tutorials on there!

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Hey Mark, welcome to the forum!

I’m not sure the device can send messages at EXACTLY the same time, but this sounds like a great opportunity to utilize some of the different actions. For example, you could have a single Release be Oct down, Long Press Release for Oct Up, and Double Tap Release for both!

Here you go. Let’s assume

  • Zoia is on channel 5
  • CC 0 Value 0 is “octave up”
  • CC 0 Value 1 is “octave down”
  • CC 127 value 0 is “bypass Zoia”

When you short press you get octave up.
When you press again you bypass the Zoia.

When you Long Press you get both octave up and down.
When you press again you bypass the Zoia.

And obvs on a different Preset, just replace Msg 1 with octave down command, and then you have one pedal for up, one for down, and long pressing both of them gives you octave up AND down.

@moley6knipe @Quasar Cheers for that, very kind. And lots to think about, very new to all this, so just trying to get my head around it. M

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That’s not correct. Most dual presses map to “hidden” presets: G-K for MC6 and Q-V for MC8.

For MC6:

For MC8:

Oh yeah! I forgot about that. I turned dual lock on when I got my external switch to be honest!