How to create a stereo setup?

so i got the ml10x and am able to get it to work in mono no problem, but in stereo I am hitting a wall. no matter which combination I try, nothing produces a stereo output. I have my timeline hooked up to the send and return a as instructed and am only able to be get mono output, regardless of what I put between input tip/ring and output tip/ring. I am working in simple mode. Am I missing something?

Do you have stereo inputs or are you trying to split the mono signal into stereo within the ML10X? If it is the latter then you can only do it in advanced mode.

ok i didn’t see that mentioned anywhere. so it needs a trs input to run stereo?

This video explains how to use the ML10X in mono and stereo scenarios:

I watched that video several times. It doesn’t say anything about what I mentioned here.

It also doesn’t say anything about the input requiring trs for stereo

The ML10X is a signal switcher, so if you have only a mono signal going to the input, then there’s only a mono signal to be switched. If you have a stereo signal going into the inputs then you can route the stereo signal to your stereo devices.

If you use advanced mode, you can split a mono signal into multiple signals to be routed.

To put it more simply, it’s a signal switcher that can run either mono or stereo input, depending on the cable used or mode selected?

Yes, there are 2 inputs (stereo) into the ML10 then you can switch each signal independently. If you need to split the signal from mono to stereo then you can only do it in advanced mode.

Maybe ignore all your pedals first up and just concentrate on getting a stereo output. TRS to 2xTS

This definitely needs to be made explicit in the manual. Would’ve saved me a lot of hours trying to get this thing up and running.