How to control Time, Feedback, Modulation, etc. with expression pedal on Boss 200 series?

Hello, I need help on how to set up the messages to control the levels of time, feedback, modulation, etc on my Boss DD-200, please.

I know about the CC# numbers controlling a specific parameter, but I can get the messages in the editor the correct way so I can use the expression pedal to control that CC# parameter.

The YouTube videos are not helpful…

So pretty much what I need to know, is how to set up the messages and parameters in the Morningstar editor control the parameters for the 200 series.

Thanks in advance =)

Hi, do you know how to set up expression messages on the MC?

Check this to get an Idea how to use midi with a boss 200 pedal, it’s about the EQ200 but in principle it should work the same way:

Hope this helps

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