How to control additional midi devices in Fractal integration mode

Forgive the naivete, I’m running in fractal integration mode with an FM3 so all my midi ports are occupied but I’d like to run an FX loop with some other midi devices (Microcosm, H9)… will a simple midi splitter do the trick without interfering with the fractal integration mode?

Yes you’ll likely need a MIDI splitter to split the other MIDI devices out of the same signal used for the FM3. This is because certain pedals, like the Microcosm, do not pass SysEx messages through, which will affect the integration function as it depends on SysEx messages to pass and receive information between the FM3 and MC.

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Would you have to exit sysex mode to control the other effects & then re-enter back into sysex mode? Or is there a way to add additional commands while in sysex mode?