How to connect Alexander Wavelength?

I’m trying to integrate an Alexander Wavelength into my pedalboard controlled by an MC6. The Alexander manual indicates that a standard TS cable into the Multijack will work. So far, I’m getting no response using a TS cable or a TRS cable with the MC6 omniport Exp 2 set to Tip Active. Has anyone gotten an MC6/Alexander combination to work? I also have a Disaster Area micro.clock that I’ve never been able to make work with my MC6 either. Disaster Area Designs also owns Alexander Pedals. Maybe they just don’t play well with Morningstar. Frustrating!

I don’t own any Alexander pedals but it should be all standard TRS MIDI (it isn’t really clearly stated in their website though. They seem to suggest that you need their Neolink interface, but I’m not sure). You might be able to get more clarity from them.

Have you tried the MIDI Standard setting instead of Tip active?

Well, I solved this problem. I sold the pedal!