How to avoid Preset Toggling with a Long Press on "Both"?

So I have the two Toggle settings on a preset using “Release”, and also some functions for both sides using Long Press or Long Press Release.

The actions of Toggle 1 and 2 aren’t triggering when I Long Press (which is good), but I can’t keep it from Toggling the preset. I even tried to include a command that Dis-Engaged the preset’s own toggle, but that still didn’t work.

Any suggestions? Thanks!

do you have the Toggle Mode On button engaged at the top? If so then the better option is to turn that off and instead use a Toggle Preset action. This way you can assign what button press commands will perform a toggle instead of having it toggle every time you engage the preset.


Oh wow, this works great! I have already begun reworking several other presets with this method. Thank you!

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