How many of you would use a Reddit community

I already mod for the hologram microcosm on there but there is no Reddit community. There is one “Morningstarfx” which I don’t know if it is related to here because it is a private sub that doesn’t have a description.

But I was curious as to if it would be worth it or if people wouldn’t use it because of this forum.

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Honestly, I’m not sure how many people are into Morningstar stuff. I get most of my info and get into discussions in the excellent FB group (and occasionally come to the forum), which is very active.

I’d say that if there are enough Morningstar users in the world, it’d be good to have many different outlets, but as it seems to be right now, it might be better to have the conversations condensed into these two places.

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If there was a Morningstar sub, I’d be all over it

I would like to be able to share more but people here are helpful but some just ask cause they can’t contribute anything but ideas like me it would be cool if they added an ability to like cloud share setups although they are usually very custom. Things can be universal like looper setups or just navigation.

For me it’s Intimdating staring blank and just not knowing how to structure it past navigation. I do really like the way the web interface is shaping up its came a long way

id have to agree that consolidating users as much as possible is most beneficial. keep posting here! the format is great and i always look forward to email notifications of activity on the forum. perhaps just share the link to the forum around to get the word out. for the most part the users with the most knowledge hang around the dedicated forums i.e. elektronauts forum for example.

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Giving my upvote for a subreddit

I mainly use the fb group. Not sure what we’d gain by having a third place to check for answers.

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