How I use my ML10X


I rebuild my pedalboard around the ML10X and documented everything :

The ML10X is really a great switcher and works flawlessly.

It would be even more perfect, IMHO, if it were equipped with mono jacks instead of stereo. That would make wiring a lot easier.

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Thanks for sharing! I agree, mono jacks would make for easier wiring, but it will almost double the size of the ML10X, considering there’ll be another 10 jacks to add. Maybe in a separate product line…!

In fact, I think a bigger ML10X may even be better. A form factor like a 19" patch bay. This would make connecting the pedals a breeze. In fact, I’d love a rackable 19" ML10X version.

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Great setup! Is there a reason the expression pedal is plugged directly into the Nero Hub instead of the Nektar Pacer? using midi, the expression pedal should be able to go from the Nektar to control any of the connect pedals. Is latency an issue?

You are right, It’s better and even more practical to plug an expression pedal into the Pacer instead of the Neurohub.

I put the “expression pedal” box connected to the Neuro-hub in my schema as a reminder that this is possible.

When I use my pedal I will connect it to the Pacer, for sure.