How do I unbrick my MC8?

My MC8 will power up and display current version, and will correctly display my Bank 1 settings. However, suddenly without warning, none of the footswitches do anything anymore. I have tested with MIDI editor / monitor function and it does not display anything. I have used the firmware updater to reinstall current, then prev, then current version after holding down reset etc - the controller will power up but the footswitch buttons do not respond to any presses. Any suggestion on next steps?

Do you have anything connected to the omniports?

No sir. As of late I have been testing trying to reset the pedal while it is off of my pedalboard and only connected to my macbook pro. When powering it up, the MC8 will display the version level as usual, and then display my Bank 1, but none of the footswitches do anything, and no MIDI signals are set when I use the MIDI Monitor in the editor while the pedal is hooked up to the laptop via USB.

If you hold down switch E before powering up, are you able to get to the global config menu? If so, do the switches work in that menu? Can you check the Omniport settings, and just change them to MIDI OUT, and then save the settings and exit the menu. Do the switches work after this?

When I hold ‘E’, then power up vis USB, the pedal does enter the global config menu, but just as in a regular power up, none of the switches do anything when pressed singly, two-button press, press and hold - menu comes up but buttons do nothing.

Thanks for the info. Just trying to understand where the problem might be. So when you are in the global config page, pressing any buttons does not do anything i.e navigate to certain menus etc?

Can you drop us an email to

My hypothesis is that there might be something wrong in the settings - I will send you a firmware that resets the global settings and hopefully it’ll work after.