How do I turn off midi clock?

I’m using midi clock tap on my MC8 across my pedal board (hx, Collider, c4, beat buddy, Aeros). I DO have midi clock persist enabled, if that’s the cause, I don’t know. But what I’m noticing is, once I tap out midi clock, it it stays enabled, even after I change banks and songs etc. Isn’t there a way to disable it? Hopefully with a footswitch?

Having that Enable is keeping the midi clock going even when you engage presets or change banks.

If you Disable Midi Clock Persist, then we you press a footswitch or move an expression pedal it will disengage the midi clock. Here is the section in the manual that refers to that…

Ok, that’s good to know,
But I guess I’m looking for something in between persist and disable. I want to control disabling midi clock manually, if possible.
I have different banks assigned to different pedals. So I will be changing banks and pressing buttons while in the midi clock progression. So I don’t necessarily want it to stop when I change banks/presets. Some of my pedals actually can enable/disable midi clock IN with a simple CC#. So I thought Morningstar surely had this option somewhere. I don’t suppose I could assign a foot switch to enable/disable persist?

I couldn’t find that as an action to assign to a footswitch either, so I’m not sure there is one. Maybe someone else will chime in with a solution or it can be added in the future.

I seem to remember seeing somewhere that sending midi clock message set at zero BPM will stop it. I’m not positive though, but worth a try.

I’ll check this out. Though one of the pedals in my chain is a drum machine, and once I set midi clock, it’s locked in. I can’t even change tempo on the machine itself.

That seems to have done it!
I programmed a button
Press/Midi Clock/BPM=0/YES to show tap menu. The added confusion is that you have to disconnect from computer in order for it to work (like bank changes)
But by hitting this command, it frees up the tap sync and I can go in and manipulate the individual pedals again.

Awesome! That was a shot in the dark, glad it worked!