How do I program bank jumps globally, not per preset?

Just got this awesome 6 button switch. 3 per expression input. I want each button to be assigned 2 banks. 1 press is bank 1, double tap is bank 7 etc etc. But I’m only finding how to program it per preset, which means I have to go through each preset and program the button presses?
Isn’t there a global setting to override the entire MC6 mkii?
I want to (I think) have banks 1-6 dedicated to my hx stomp. Then banks 7-9 for a different pedal. 10-12 a different pedal… Simply reaching their presets by pressing the corresponding button on my aux. Leaving the mc6 for the finer details per pedal.

There is a “Copy to all banks” function on the device. You can go into the Preset Edit menu, copy the preset, and then hold down the Paste button to paste it to all banks for that selected preset.

@james maybe it will be better to add in the desktop editor a section with global messages? So you can assign the commands actual for every preset?

If you copy the preset, then triple-click “paste”, it pastes to all banks. Just tried it, and it works great. Just make sure to have the preset itself saved before doing the copy/paste operation.

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As you’ve got a 2x3 switch, you might want to try setting one of them to fixed switch custom. I use mine (MC6) for Bank Jump Mode, toggle page and MIDI tap which means I don’t have to think about those functions on the MC itself and I don’t use up presets with them. Granted if you need to jump banks quickly mid song then Bank Jump Mode may not be quick enough but worth an experiment?

Thanks everyone!
This is actually a pretty old thread that had resurfaced. I’ve since moved into to the MC8 last year or so, and configured everything on the aux switch to match.

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Doh! Didn’t clock the date!