How can I set up "Radio Mode" across several Banks?

I am running a quite complicated wet dry wet rig, in which I use an MC8 to control a secondary pedalboard remotely. Since I am able to switch between wet/dry/wet, dry/wet, stereo and mono I have set up my MC8 to accomodate these different scenarios. However I have some trouble to get toggle states etc to reflect what is actually happening:
-Which effects (mostly Boss multi effects) are actually engaged.
-Which presets are active atm.

What could be helpful would be some kind of “radio mode”. If I engage a certain preset e.g. Bank 1 PresetC, it should disengage several presets across all banks, as well as reset some message scroll counters etc.
Actually I’m trying to programm a “reset button” which resets my MIDI devices as well as the MC8’s toggle states and scroll counters. Turns out, 16 Messages aren’t enough to accomplish that in my case.
Any ideas would be appreciated

I have no idea if it would help but maybe Preset Toggle Groups might help? Not used it myself!

As for a “global reset” function…. Could you use a bank / preset that’s out of the way (eg last preset in bank 30) to store your reset commands? And if 16 messages isn’t enough, add another bank. Then call one/more “reset” presets with engage preset?

I thought about toggle groups, but I have no idea how to reset scroll counters if I use this feature. The other method you suggested is what I am doing atm. It’s a bit messy and quite complicated. Also every change of a patch might cause a ton of work to update the programming of the reset function, because it has multiple layers. I’m trying to find a way to streamline this

If 16 messages is not enough why not use one message to engage a second preset (you do not have to hit another button for that :smiley: )