How can I send PC to my MC3 with USB port?

Hi !
I want to select MC3 bank with my MUSICOMLAB MKIII+ . What cable should I use ?


Hi. You cannot send MIDI directly from the musicomlab’s DIN5 MIDI out to the MC3’s USB port. You will need MIDI USB host, which will allow you to connect as follows:
musicomlab DIN5 out > MIDI USB host > MC3 usb

Hello Brandon !
A MIDI USB host like that : Miditech USB MIDI Host – Thomann France ?
Thanks .

Yes, that’s right. But looking at the cost of it, you may want to consider selling your MC3 and getting an MC6 instead, which has a MIDI In port and can receive MIDI directly from the musicomlab without the need for any host. Unless of course, space saving is paramount.

Yes , the MC6 is too big for my board .