Horrible instrutions

I just bought a MC6. this is my first midi product and your instructions all assume I know everything already. You need to hire an actual tech writer who knows nothing about it to sit with your engineers and learn so he can then write complete instructions.

I have watched your video on hooking up the MC3 to a Boss GT1000 10 times. I am certain I followed every single step perfectly and it does not work. It is not communicating at all with my core. I have tried two different cables. You must have left something out assuming I already knew it. Or you sent me a broken machine.

The fact I have to post on a forum instead of sending a message to a dedicated support tells me Morningstar is not too concerned with customer service. I am not a happy customer and I do not want someone who does not work for Morningstar trying to help me. I’m probably going to return it.

I get your frustration but your problem likely comes from your lack of knowledge of MIDI rather than this particular company or product. If you can’t make it work with this controller, you’re likely not gonna be able to make it work with another one. It’s a different protocol and it’s not the mandate of this company to teach you how to use MIDI, just like it’s not the mandate of a car manufacturer to teach you how to drive. Either give yourself time to learn, or simplify your rig. Good luck.


I don’t have the GT1000 Core but do use the MC6 with Boss’ RC-500 and DD-200. Boss is weird with midi and my first guess would be to make sure you’re using the right setting for the Omniport on the MC6.
I’ll have to check when I get home which setting worked but there is no universal standard when it comes to trs midi yet. Morningstar is one of the best companies I’ve dealt with in a long time when it comes to customer support and troubleshooting.
Don’t get too beat up and feel free to hit up the community for advice. This is one of, if not the best, Midi controllers out there for guitarists and they’re constantly adding new features and control options.

Found a cable here at work and checked, the omniport you’re using for the boss should be set to “MIDI Out - Standard”
If using the standard 5pin to trs on the Boss, make sure it’s the Boss cable specifically or be sure the pin out is the same as Boss uses. If you still are having trouble it’s either a setting on the Boss or something like the midi channel is off maybe?

There is button on the web site to email support.

I’m thinking that the issue is with you, rather than anything Morningstar haven’t done for you.


On the website the support link does not offer to email support.

You have to be pretty low IQ to think companies that sell things don’t need clear instructions. The Manual they have for their products are not written by tech writers for sure. They saved money by letting a egghead engineer write their manual.

I sell cars. The manuals are clear and concise and the cars are way more technical. The auto engineers do not write the manuals. Allowing a community to handle your customer service is a sign of shitty customer service.

After about 3 hours messing with it without looking at their confusing manuals I figured out how to get it to do most of what I need. That does not change the fact that their manuals suck.

The boss manual is clear and professional. I figured out what I needed to do and it was two skipped steps in the Morningstar video and a complete lack of a clear step by step setup in the Mornigstar manual.

you just did not see the email button. I mean the whole site has about 20 links, how hard can it be FFS.


The instructions are very thorough, no need for bashing here. I can see how being new to Midi would make it all very confusing, but once you do a little research into the basics of midi this device makes perfect sense and offers one of the more straight forward work flows for programming your commands. Without Morningstar’s editor and fantastic response here on the forums, I’d still be flipping knobs like before.
You attract more flies with honey than with vinegar. js



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Can you link to a car manual that teaches you how to drive?

Nice handle/post combo. Something tells me you’ve received a shiner or two in your day, and I’m not taking about the beer.

You want to be spoon fed how to connect your particular controller and come here to rant about the company like an entitled and impulsive manchild instead of putting the time to research and experiment. Ironic that you compare IQ in a thread where you’re literally the only one that hasn’t figured out how to make their controller work. Better keep your day job selling cars, good luck.


Let me know where in the Boss manual states that you have to send two messages in sequence with values 127 and 0 for some funtions work. You are frustated because Boss doesn’t explain what messages and values you have to send for getting it working. Because I have a ‘low IQ’, I had to figure it out testing all kind of values for each CC message. Good luck for you.

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OMG! And I thought the MorningStar users forum was the first I’d found that didn’t attract haters. Come to a forum for help and then insult those who offer assistance???

It shouldn’t surprise me in a society where everyone is an “expert” until they need help. But then they don’t know how to accept help graciously–because, after all, they’re the "expert. "

What ever happened to the concept of humility? I practically bow my head in obeisance when I ask for help on this site.

That said, I did learn something from this thread. Xlooper has provided me with immeasurably time-saving, critical insights into how to handle the clock sync between the RC 500 and Beat Buddy. When I expressed my gratitude for his help, I also wished I could monetize (pay him) for the work he described in his above reply: “I had to figure it out testing all kinds of values for each CC message.” And that he and others on this site are willing to freely share that information speaks to the generosity of their character. For that, I stand on my chair and applaud. Thank you and ignore the haters!

Your fan,



I can’t believe the salt here coming from all directions.

For what its worth, if you email help@morningstarfx.com James is super responsive. Also, every time I’ve sent an email it has been James who’s emailed me back. It is pretty rad that you get an email from the designer for help.

As for the manual, the only problem I’ve found is that it is too comprehensive so it can be hard to find the specific info you are chasing. But once you are getting into the more complex stuff, it is handy to have that info available. Also, I’m pretty sure morning star is a pretty small operation, so the guy that designed the controller almost certainly the one wrote the manual.


It’s frustrating for sure and I hope you persevere with it - I have to say that the MC6 editor with it’s built in library makes it a lot easier to setup patches and I think this might be a unique differentiator to any other controller you might buy. I didn’t think the BOSS / ROLAND manual I had was any good at all in telling me how to use MIDI and in my case with a GR55 every post on it used the configuration that required a mapping to be made to each patch you wanted to use. It took me ages to dig through post after post and trail an error and I’m talking about 8 hours in research split over a few days before I finally hit upon how to get it working. AS soon as I solved it I came here and posted the solution so no one else has to suffer the pain of it and it’s actually quite easy once you figure it out and you wonder why no one posted it before. However, lots of people post questions but never write back and confirm that they found a solution. Much like it’s hard to find a positive review as people only write a review when something goes wrong. Companies have to chase us for positive reviews ( some taking it to the limit and bribe you to do so :slight_smile: although that’s another topic entirely.

When you get it working, if you keep the MC6 please share the solution with us.


@XLooper Yes, I’d really like to know, why Boss does that. I hated the manual they provided when I was working if my ES-8, and as it happens I was fiddling with my EQ-200 just before and just found by chance that thing with values 127 and 0 to be sent in sequence. Why ffs wouldn’t they tell in the manual??? I searched the Boss website for a Q&A, a forum, a knowledge base with info about the EQ-200 and MIDI: NOTHING! Do you want to know what support of Roland here in Switzerland suggest, when you don’t get a function to work? “Uh, we have no idea, how that’s supposed to work. Send it in and we’ll check, we’ll send you a quote on the costs, if we are able to get it fixed by our techs.” Ha, don’t get me started on Boss manuals!!! :smiley: :face_vomiting:


@Kyuss I also have bad experiences with Boss support. When RC-500 plays in serial mode synchronized with the internal rhythm track1(verse) and track2(chorus) must have the same size because when the shorter one finishes playing it jumps somewhere to the middle of the longer one. The answer was ‘this is the nature of all our loopers. if you want to have diferent lenghts, dont synchronize them with rhythm’. Tried to know if this happens with RC-600 and RC-505mkii with demo youtube users but couln’t get an answer. Maybe it’s a question of loyalty to the company that gives the equipment.

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The customer service is great @ Morningstar.
Yeah, it’s a complex product. Midi is complex.

I love Boss. But their implementation isn’t the easiest to understand.