Horrible experience so far with the MC-3 and my Fractal FM-3

Hi everyone -

I’m fairly new-ish to MIDI but try to understand some of the basics.
I have to say, trying to get my MC-3 to work with my FM-3 has been 24 hours of absolute frustration.

I have updated the MC-3 to V9.6.3

When I go into the editor with the MC-3 disconnected I can see the “Fractal Audio Integration” feature in my “Type” dropdown box.
As soon as I connect my MC-3 to the editor, this option disappears, and I cannot connect my MC-3.

I am beyond frustrated with this by now and have sent a help request directly to Morningstar. Is there anything simple I am doing wrong here?

Any help would be very appreciated.

After checking the documentation and watching the setup video for the Fractal integration, I’m pretty sure you can’t use that mode with the MC3 - it requires two-way communication between the MC and your Fractal device, and there’s no MIDI IN port on the MC3.

Thankyou for the reply.
As an inexperienced MIDI user that’s hours of time and frustration down the drain.
Why this information isn’t made absolutely clear in the manual is beyond me.
Not a real positive start to using Morningstar’s products.