Hold switch and use Expression pedal?

New user here, what a cracking product!

A request from me:

I would like to send expression pedal info at the same time as I hold down a switch but it doesn’t seem possible. I’m trying to use a preset as a momentary ‘sus’ switch that remains active while I hold down. At the same time I would like to adjust a parameter with an expression pedal. I’ve check in the MIDI monitor and the expression pedal data seems to be suppressed.

Maybe I’m approaching this wrongly …

Hi… welcome! That won’t work as you want, one command at a time!

Assuming a command is available which means ‘release’ then Two options: set the engage CC to Press position one, and the disengage CC to Press position two and enable toggle for the preset. Then you’d press the switch, move the expression and press the switch again after you’ve finished with the expression.

Or you could you use a ‘after movement has stopped’ expression preset to trigger the release

Thanks for the reply. I thought of something similar to the first suggestion but it’s pretty clunky.
What happens to midi in that’s merged?
Could I have my cake and eat it that way?

So, I have MIDI merge going and messages are passed through while holding a switch on the MC8. Would it be possible to get the same behaviour from an expression port in a future update?

With regards to expression preset not executing while switch is held down, there is a small bug there. Solution right now is just to add an empty Long Press message. Example: