High number presets

Hi everyone,

I can not for the life of me figure out how to access presets on my FM3 that are higher than 127. I have all of the stock presets filling in slots 0-384 or whatever it is. Then I am creating custom presets in slots 400+.

How can I make a switch on my MC8 access these?? I believe w the Fractal views each 128 slots as a different “bank” but I don’t know how to jump to block 4 and then PC20 for example.

Hi. As the FM3 presets are stored in banks of 127 each, you will need to perform a MIDI bank select to recall presets beyond 127. It is explained in the fractal wiki here: MIDI Bank Select - Fractal Audio Wiki

Send CC# 0 with values 0 for bank A, 1 for bank B… etc and then send a separate PC command for the Axe preset within that bank.

For instance:

CC 0,2
PC 10

would result in Axe preset 264