hidden switch naming

So ive managed to access the hidden switches on my MC8 T,U&V and assigned them to drive, chorus & phaser on my Axe3 . The only thing i cant figure out is how to name these switches. I have my MC8 set up as follows. Page 1 is my pre sets, long press on 1A gets me to my second page which is my Scenes 1 to 8. Pressing the following turns my chosen effects on & off E&F is my drive F&G my Chorus and G&H my Phaser . I just want them to show their names when pressed. Ive named them in the editor but they dont show up .Any help would be appreciated. I have attached a pic of how i have my Phaser switch set up.

The Preset number and long name will show on the third row when the aux switch is engaged. It won’t show up if you are connected to the editor though

James ive managed to get the names to show up when the switch is pressed is there a way to toggle the name off when the switch is pressed again turning the effect off . Ideally i only want the name to show when the effect is turned on ,not sure if this is possible .


It is not possible. These “extra” presets do not have a space in the screen and can only be triggered with aux switches. If you want to see the state of the preset, you’ll need to use Preset A-H on Page 1 or Preset I-P on Page 2, where you can view the state with the short name / toggle name

i thought not …James thanks for your help anyway really appreciated …