Hey! I'm new and have a software control question on the ML5

Hey Morningstar Forum!

Firstly, apologies if this is in the wrong place or format, ive never posted on a forum before but have been finding this community incredibly useful and felt I should start to be a part of it!

My question is… Im always updating presets I have saved by adding or taking away pedals im engaging through the ml5, with my midi pedals when im happy with what I what, I just hit save and push the preset again on the mc8 and its locked in, but because my ml5 is under the board I have to pick it up and press the learn button which is a bit of a pain!

is there a CC message for the ml5’s learn button?

Thanks in advance and up for chatting more, here a picture of my board too!

Hi. There is no MIDI implementation to put the the ML5 into Learn mode.