Help with SoundSculpture Switchblade 8f

This may be more of a Switchblade question than Morningstar, but here goes:

I have a stereo reverb (Strymon NightSky) and delay (Strymon Volante) in my Switchblade, which I use to make them either parallel, or one feeding into the other. One of my favorite sounds is running a recorded loop from the delay into the reverb, wow!

But what if I want to record the sound of that reverb back into the loop of the delay? I’m sure there’s an easy way to do this, I just haven’t wrapped my mind around it yet.

Thanks for the help!

New Switchblade question:

I want to use CC#125 and CC#126 to boost the signal at the final output, but nothing I’m sending the Switchblade seems to be working. The manual says it requires ON/OFF messages, but I have been using 0-63 and 64-127 for the Smart Insert function with success. I’ve tried 0 and 127, 63 and 64, and even tried sending Start/Stop real time messages, but nothing.

63 and 64 would be ideal, since I could then use a PC Value Scroll to keep it’s status global, but for now I’m just trying to get it to work.

This has been solved! Apparently the Switchblade 8f can’t go above the 0db limit, so the boost function was being ignored.