Help with setting up Device type actions

I received my MC8 this week and I’m working on setting up the various banks and presets. One of the things that I’d like to do is assign a switch to skip to a certain bank. However, when setting it up it does not seem to change to the bank, nothing really happens. See the attached screenshot, what am I missing?

The same goes for the ‘Toggle page’ feature, which doesn’t really seem to do anything when assigned to a message.

You are probably still in editing mode when you are testing it out. The bank jump isn’t going to work when you are connected to the MC8 and making changes. Once you disconnect the usb cable from the MC8 and restart it, the bank jumps you assigned should work. Or clicking the Disconnect MC8 button.


That’s right (what @jmay214 replied). The reason why we disabled these functions while in editor mode is because we need to differentiate when user presses the switch to load the preset settings versus pressing the switch to change bank, toggle page etc. When in editor mode, we’ll go with the former.

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That makes sense, thanks for explaining :grinning: And thanks for moving the thread @james.