Help with Expression Pedal and Aux switch

I own an MC6 MkII and I absolutely love it. I use it with my HX Stomp. I am currently using a Mission Engineering EP1 Expression pedal plugged into the EXP 2 jack. I am also wanting to use a Mission Engineering TT2 aux switch with it as well. I would like one switch to toggle page and the the other switch to use for the tuner. I am having problems trying to get it to recognize the TT2. Any help with this would be much appreciated.

I forgot to add that I would plug the aux switch into EXP 1

If you are plugging the aux switch into the Exp1 port, you’ll need to change the Exp1 setting to “AuxSw”. This will allow you to control the extra presets with the aux switch. You’ll then need to program each switch (like you would with any other preset) to engage the toggle page function on one, and then a CC message (which I assume can engage your tuner) in the other.

Thank you for the reply! I am still having issues with the aux switch working. I have Exp 1 set to AuxSw, but when I try to edit the preset, it shows that the first switch on the aux switch identifies as Preset G and the second as Preset H. When I set the first one to Toggle Page function and the second one tuner, the short name appears on those presets on the actual MC6. I guess my question is, does the 2 button aux switch add additional presets past L, as in M and N? I hope that’s not too confusing

No it does not add any presets, but it engages the presets on the second page. So depending on what exp port you plug into, you can engage Presets G H I or J K L with the aux switch.

Alternative is to use the Fixed switch option, but you will not be able to send CC messages with that option.