HELP! Trying to setup MC8

Hello, i am new to MIDI and purchased the MC8 to control 4 Strymon pedals (Mobius, Timeline, Volante and BigSky) and have pretty much set it up to recall my most used presets.
What i want to achieve i think is pretty simple; for example, I want to recall a tremolo effect from the Mobius and to be able to turn it off on the same switch. That i achieved on all the pedals. the problem comes when for example, i am on the tremolo effect on the Mobius and want to switch to a “leslie” sound on the Mobius it swiches it. but when i want to return to the tremolo effect, it turns the Mobius off.
the same issue happens on the Timeline and BigSky.
Can someone help me solve this issue?
has anyone experienced this?


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Hey! Can you send a screenshot of your settings so we can see how you programmed it? It might help if you monitor the messages getting sent out (, so you know why the devices are responding like that.

Here are a few examples that might help you figure it out…
This preset has a Chorus (PC 8 - A Footswitch on Mobius) in Pos:1
and Tremolo (PC 9 - B Footswitch on Mobius) in Pos:2

Double Tap toggles between Pos:1 and Pos:2
Press followed by Release turns either on and off depending on which position I am in.
MSG 2 and 3 are what makes it work so that if the Chorus is Off when I switch to the Tremolo it will be Off too…or Chorus On then Tremolo is On.

What is important here is the Release in MSG 5 and MSG 7. and this is what caused most of my issues with Strymon pedals.
To simlulate what actually happens when you press a footswitch on the Mobius you need to use 2 CC commands. One with a value of 0 for pressing down on the switch and a value of 127 for letting up on the switch. (I’ve include screenshot of the part in manual that shows this)
In my example above, a program change is in the place of the 0 value Down press command.
Strymon does it this way for some features like on the Big Sky for example…where pressing and holding on a footswitch will let you do Infinite Sustain until you release the switch.
In some situtations it isn’t an issue, but if you are running into problems this is probably where the solution lies.

and one final screenshot for an example of if you don’t want to change preset but want to just do a clean on/off with same switch. On my Timeline, Pos:1 turns on and off a Tape Delay
and Slap for Pos:2.

Hopefully this help you out…let me know if I can help more…or the real pro, James might get you sorted out.

this is an example of the settings i have on the Mobius. I have pretty much the same setting on all Strymon devices.

Also this one for the mobius. if i switch back and forth between these presets, it will turn off the Mobius.

thanks for the reply. but my settings are very simple. nothing that advanced, one day i will probably there, but now this is how my settings pretty much looks like. This is an example of a tremolo on the Mobius.

I think I’ve spotted your issue. I’ll try to explain it the best I can.

When you click your tremolo on, it is placing your preset in Pos:2 (you have Toggle Mode engaged so each time you engage the preset it will toggle between the Positions)

If you click Tremolo on and then click on your Leslie, you are leaving the Tremolo preset in Pos:2…even though your Mobius has moved on to something else, that preset hasn’t had a command to change out of Pos:2.

So, when you leave your Leslie preset and return to your Tremolo preset it is picking up where you left off. The first click is going to take it from Pos:2 where you left it and go to Pos:1, which in your case is a command to Turn it Off. (Engaging Preset Blink On can show you this)

Now, a solution you can try…
On all your presets in Pos:1, you can add a Set Toggle command.
For Toggle Position you will set it to Dis-Engage.
And then you check the boxes for all the Presets you want to turn off when you have selected this Preset.
For example on your Tremolo (MedPace) preset, you would check the box for Preset D.
What this is doing is, every time you turn on your Tremolo (on Preset E), it will send a command that will return your PreachIt (Preset D) from Pos:2 back to Pos:1 (Dis-Engage), so it is all set up and ready to turn on the next time you return to it. If PreachIt is already in Pos:1 then don’t worry this will not affect it at all.

On your PreachIt preset you would check the box for Preset E (MedPace), when you add a Set Toggle command.

There is a Save Preset Toggle option in your global settings, but this only has an affect on the state of your toggled presets if you change banks. This probably isn’t relevant in your situation, I just mentioned it so you’re aware of it in the future.

From my first observation this is the issue you first described, but I’m really only good at troubleshooting the heck out of my MC8. James might spot something I missed or have more elegant solutions. Happy to help though if I did.

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thanks for the reply, but is Chinese to me. Is asking too much if you guide me through Whatsapp?

Thanks for the screenshots. This is happening because the preset is already in the toggled state, and when you press it again, it will send the bypass message. Perhaps you might want to consider using a “Long Press” action to bypass, instead of using the toggle? Your preset would be something like this:

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will try that. Thanks.

Thanks for that @jmay214! I’m not OP, but I followed along with what you were saying, and it helped give me ideas of solving a similar scenario that I am working out with my presets.

Welcome. I tend to go into FAR too much detail sometimes, but I figure that someone will find some useful gems in it later on down the line.



I too am using the Set Toggle command to disengage all other presets when activating one. I was hoping that doing so would also reverse the Toggle Blinking state (and/or turn off the toggle name) for the other presets but it does not seem to do that.

Can I assume that Set Toggle is not intended to change the toggle indication when engaging or disengaging other toggles, or have I found a bug, or have I misunderstood?

Thanks for any input on this.


My first guess is that you are still in Edit Mode when you are trying to test this out. Click on the Disconnect button or unplug the USB cable and reboot the unit.
You have to be out of edit mode for the Set Toggle commands to perform correctly for your presets.

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Hi, thanks for the quick response!

Yes, you are right - as soon as I disconnected it all worked fine.

I saw the warnings about not being in edit mode, but thought that only applied when editing on the box. I can see now why it applies to the PC editor as well.

Wonderful piece of design the MC6 MKII, love it!



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Hey all! I’m new to the Morningstar MIDI family. I have a pedal board with 4 Strymon pedals (Volante, BigSky, Mobius and Sunset).What I would like to do is create presets for various songs and use MIDI to recall the various saved settings from each of the Strymon pedals for the particular song.

I’m assuming this is doable but not sure about the best way to go about doing it. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

ps: I’m willing to consider paying an advisory fee for personal assistance via Zoom to set up my system if there are such services available :sunny:

The biggest challenge isn’t really the programming on the Morninstar units (it is pretty intuitive). It is coming up with a system and workflow.
Some people might want to have their system set up to make changes by songs or sections of songs with very specific settings.
In my case, I have my banks (9 of them) set up by genre of music (clean, blues, country, classic rock, metal, etc.) and each button triggers the same effect on each bank, but pulls up a different preset with settings more tuned in for that particular genre. On every bank, I have one button that takes me to a dedicated bank toward the back that is just a main menu to select what genre I want to pick. And then pushing one of those buttons takes me to the bank with those effect choices. Making banks toward the back (28,29,30, etc.) is a good way to make submenus of different effects if you want lots of options. You just make a button to get to that submenu, make a choice, and then have a Return button to get back to your original bank (Bank Jump command and it’s options make this possible).
I’m also the sort of player that makes different effect choices on the fly. So, I had to find a system to always have 4 overdrives, 2 compressors, 4 delays, and 10 mobius presets (2 per footswitch/double click to change between) all avaliable all the time without having to go into sub menus and as few foot stomps as possible. I have to use 2 MC8 and an extra 6 button footswitch to do it, but it’s how my system grew over time and what it requires.
But it’s ok to start small in your planning and setup. If you’re like me, you’ll keep coming up with new ideas that work with your workflow every couple of weeks and change everything up again. Whatever crazy ideas you think up to try to implement on the MC8/MC6, there is usually some way to pull it off. Over time learning from difficult programming ideas will make you really good at bringing your mad scientist ideas to light easily. And if you start something and get stuck making it work, then shouting out on the forums for help can get you back on track.
One of these days when things slow down I’m looking forward to trying to make a video showing my setup and how it works in practice. It’s going to be a pretty length video I’m sure, because it is very complex.


Love this! It makes a lot of sense. I’m going to cogitate.

I’m feeling a little intimidated right now. Appreciate the guidance!

I’m going to document the journey for future users.

First thing I need to do is get some STEREO TLS cables so that I can use the Ominports as MIDI THRU with the Strymon pedals :grinning:

jmay214 - after studying your email, here’s the goal with the MC8

Objective: Create Presets for Songs for Various Albums

Access Favorite Patches via Omniports from 4 Strymon Pedals for Each Song

Current MC8 Configuration

Omni 1 -> Volante
Omni 2 -> BigSky
Omni 3 -> Sunset
Omni 4 -> Mobius

Current Albums

  1. Initiation

Bank 2 Preset 1 -> Song X

Volante Favorite X
Big Sky Favorite X
Sunset Favorite X
Mobius Favorite X

Bank 2 Preset 2 -> Song Y

Volante Favorite X
Big Sky Favorite X
Sunset Favorite X
Mobius Favorite X

Bank 2 Preset 3 -> Song Z

Volante Favorite X
Big Sky Favorite X
Sunset Favorite X
Mobius Favorite X

2. Ambienta

Bank 3 Preset 1 -> Song X

Volante Favorite X
Big Sky Favorite X
Sunset Favorite X
Mobius Favorite X

Bank 3 Preset 2 -> Song Y

Volante Favorite X
Big Sky Favorite X
Sunset Favorite X
Mobius Favorite X

Bank 3 Preset 3 -> Song Z

Volante Favorite X
Big Sky Favorite X
Sunset Favorite X
Mobius Favorite X

That’s the basic sketch of mission. I am open to revising how I am thinking about this but I’m trying to keep as simple as possible for now. We can get fancy later :slight_smile:

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