Help Recalling Meris Presets (Polymoon)

I cannot get my MC6 to recall presets on my Meris Polymoon. Here is a list of measures that have been taken in an effort to achieve this task:

  • TRS cable between Polymoon EXP/MIDI jack and MC6 EXP2 jack.
  • Global configurations for Polymoon:

Expression mode: MIDI
MIDI channel: 3

  • Expression port 2 configuration for MC6 set to MIDI out - Tip active.
  • “Press” action PC number 1 on MIDI channel 3 configured for Bank 1, Preset A on MC6.

Nothing happens on the Polymoon when Bank 1, Preset A is engaged on the MC6. Does anyone know what I may have missed? TIA.

The listed settings all look correct. What MIDI to TRS cable are you using? Do you have the link to the product? It has got to be a Type A MIDI Din 5 to TRS cable.

Here’s the cable used to connect the MC6 to the Polymoon:

It was my understanding that a TRS/Stereo 1/4" cable could be used to carry MIDI messages via one of the two expression ports on the MC6 as of firmware 3.9.1, which my unit has been updated to. Is this incorrect? Do I need to connect the Polymoon to the 5-pin out on the MC6?

ah ok, I thought you were connecting the 5pin MIDI Out on the MC6 to the Polymoon, and hence I asked about the cable.

The Tip active setting should be correct. I think we have a polymoon in the office that we can test when we go in tmr.

The likely causes for this issue are:

  1. faulty cable. do you have another cable you can use? Or are you able to test the omniport with another MIDI device?
  2. possible wrong MIDI channel set on the polymoon - using LEDs to set the channel/midi mode can sometimes have errors