Help! Newbie to MIDI and trying to set up MC-8 with Enzo

Newbie to MIDI and trying to set up MC-8 with Meris Enzo. Have read manuals and watched videos but they presume a pre-knowledge that I am lacking. Confused where to start. (BANK, presets,Toggle etc.)

1) My pedal board is 4 analog pedals and 4 digital. I am interested in controlling 2 of the digital including the Meris Enzo with the MC-8. I was able to send CC messages to Enzo using Morningstar editor but then but then could not turn Enzo’s effect off with it’s foot switch. Meaning if I did turn it off I couldn’t hear any other pedals. I can only hear / turn off Enzo with other pedals if I do a factory reset.

2) also mystified about how to load Enzo presets using sysex librarian into MC-8.

I have downloaded the Sysex files and librarian but….lost

From Meris Enzo manual section 7:

“The Enzo is always listening for preset data, so simply send any presets you have backed up on your PC back to the Enzo and it will overwrite that preset with the data you sent. If you are happy with the newly received preset, simply press Alt and the Enzo will save that data to the current preset location.”

Not really clear. Does the Meris have to be in Midi mode? How do you “send” the presets? through the editor? through the librarian?

I like both of these units and applaud their capabilities but any pointers would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Regarding 1) Can you share a screenshot of what you have programmed in the MC8 for the Enzo? Did you set the Enzo to the same MIDI channel as the messages you are sending out?

Yes same MIDI channel. Will upload screenshot on my next attempt. Thanks