HELP! MC6 pro with Jackson audio pedals

Hello everyone I’m hope there’s someone out there that can help me out.

So I’m currently running my mc6pro through a strymon conduit to three Jackson audio pedals. One to bloomv2, broken arrow v2 and golden boy.

I programmed all my CC and all seems to be working fine. The rundown of both pedals are as follows.
A. Drive on/off
B. Boost on/off
C. Back to previous bank
D. Gain cycle 1-4
E. Clipping diode value 1-4
F. Home (first bank)
However when I unplug the power from the pedalboard and plug it back in, both my broken arrow and golden boy go unresponsive to my presets… for them to start working I’ve had to cycle for clipping diodes and gain cycles with both pedals then they seem to work? My broken arrow is on channel 1 and golden boy channel 2 I have the lastest firmware on my mc6 pro and have tried different cables as well as using the same port the bloom was plugged into but still there’s that a long time where the control is unresponsive.

Thanks for the suggestions and help in advanced!

I have what sounds like a very similar problem with the Golden Boy. When I boot it up with all my other pedalboard gear (using a voodoo power plus 2), the Golden Boy won’t respond to MIDI messages from my MIDI controller. Then if I cycle the power, the Golden Boy starts responding just as it should. I’ve been doing some troubleshooting and so far it seems like it is related to the voodoo power. Still troubleshooting though.