HELP MC6 Pro and AUX Switches

I am brand new to the morningstar gear and I have an aux dual switch I am trying to program. I’ve got a dual momentary normally open switch. I am using the settings that I’ve posted to create bank changes. With these settings my bank will atomatically scroll upwards. When I press the top button they stop and I cannot start them again. Casn someone please give me some intight to get this working and tell what I am doing wrong? Thanks!

Hi! Have you clicked ‘Save’ and then rebooted the MC? Sometimes helps!

And even though you’re using a two button switch, I think you’ll still need to use a TRS cable

Hey man. Thanks for the response. Ive done both.

Just to be clear. When i restart it begins scrolling up through banks on its on. When i hit the bank up switch it will stop and then will not react on any other presses of the switch.

is your aux switch possibly a latching switch. it should be momentary.
Never mind. I re-read your first post.

Oops. I feel dumb. I was accidetally using a mono TS cable. All good now with a TRS. Thanks to everyone whi chimmed in.

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