Help! MC6(MK1) Doesn't work

Hi,guys. I’m Ko.

Sorry my English is very Poor…

My MC6 Doesn’t work.
No response to any switch press.(Exp pedal & aux switch too)
and on the display,only ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■.
When Connect firmware Updater,Individual number is recognized.
(Morningster MC6 - 3082***)
I try to Update but any HEX. files are unfinished!!

Help Help…

Did you download the correct firmware for upload?

Here’s the direct link to the MC6MK1 firwmware: Release v2.6.2 · Morningstar-Engineering/MC6-Midi-Controller · GitHub

James, thanks for your reply.
I have tried firmware updates.
I can click “select HEX file to upload.”
in the uploader and press the green “click to upload”. However, nothing happens from the “upload in progress” displayed after that.

Is there another way?
I am in despair…