Help in designing a signal matrix for live use

Howdy !
I’m trying to figure out if the MLX10 could be THE solution I’ve been wanting all there years.

My goal is to have it acting as a signal switcher between 2 Kempers, one as Main and one as Spare.

I came up with idea of using 2 presets with the routings shown on the photos.

A and B are L/R are Kemper MAIN outputs coming in via the return ports

C and D are L/R Kemper SPARE outputs coming in via the return ports

E send and Output are used as L/R master outputs towards the stage patch.

Using tip and ring are mandatory to route the balanced signal.

You’ll also see that I’d use send A tip to rout the guitar signal toward the Kemper MAIN and the send C toward the Kemper SPARE.

That way I would be able to switch both input and output signals toward either MAIN or SPARE.

Below are screenshots of the configuration I intend to use, each being a preset on its own.

If you guys could have a look at it before I pull the trigger on the ML10X and see if I missed an obvious point that would ruin the game plan.

Thank you !


Preset 0 - MAIN

Preset 1 - SPARE

In theory it looks right. I’ve never sent a balanced signal through the ML10X though, so I’m not sure whether there might be any phase issues splitting a balanced signal down parallel paths like that, but I think it’s fine.

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Thx !
What do you mean, splitting a balanced signal ?

Each balanced return signal is supposed to go directly to its master output.

I don’t get where a split could happen.

Oh lol. I’m constantly splitting my ML10X inputs so I think of them as separate. They’re literally TRS.

My bad. Just ignore me!

Haha no problem !
Thanks for your input :slight_smile:

Just a heads up on that topic.
I just had to route the input ring also because I had dry signal added to the output.

But other than that it works like a charm.

No I can switch instantly input and outputs from main device to spare device !