Help for MC6 and ML5 pedal order

I’m about to spend the big bucks on an mc6 and ml5 but i still have so many questions about midi.

One thing i can’t wrap my head around is the order of pedals. I know that it doesn’t really matter what order you wire your midi pedals but how about the non midi pedal? They are going into the ML5 but then where would they sit in the signal chain? Im planning to use the Ml5 just for my overdrive pedals.

The pedals that will be used for the pedal board are

Morningstar mc6
morningstar ml5
browne amplification protein
greer lightspeed
hx stomp
specular tempus

signal chain ideas would be cool, but any help is appreciated, thanks!

Also is the Ml5 compatible with the Pirate Bridge6 just because that one has LEds and they could be really useful