Help Figuring out best way to utilize Ml10x

Hey all, I apologize in advance if this is hard to comprehend, I don’t know exactly how to word what I’m asking.

My pedalboard is currently as such: Compressor, Overdrive, Revv Distortion, Amp sim (iridium) then splits into stereo for Delay, Mod, Delay, and Reverb. I know I want an ML10x to be able to reorder all the stereo pedals, but I’m not sure how to work in the dirt section.

The simplest solution IMO is to just let the dirt section stay mono and sit before the amp sims/wet fx. I would need an ml5 or similar midi loop switcher to bring the Revv in and out with midi, so part of me just wants to spring for a second ml10x for the mono pedals, and route the other ML10 into one of the stereo loops on the Ml10x running the mono pedals. This would at least let me put the time based FX before the dirt pedals for those instances I want to do the ambient/post rock thing with reverb before distortion. My question is how the ML10x will handle having mono loops after a stereo loop? Will it work, will there be issues? Will it sum the stereo outputs to mono when they are routed before the mono loops?

I could always just run them in series if this will create more hassle than it’s worth, as having my mono dirt pedals before the stereo fx is really just a luxury, not a necessity.

Do you guys have any plans in the future for something like an ml20x? I know the space requirements would be much different, and it wouldn’t be the same compact solution as the ML10x, but I know I’d be interested in a way to be able to reorder my entire chain with one unit!

I have two switchers, a MEGX for front of chain (dirt and drive) and an ML10X for end of the chain (time-based). That doesn’t help with putting an overdrive after the reverb though. I did have the problem of running out of ML10X loops, which I temporarily solved by putting certain pedals together (helpful if they’re MIDI-capable so they can be individually engaged as needed). In your case, I bet that you could probably put one of those delays and the mod in the same loop and hit most of the combinations you need. That would be 3 stereo loops. The iridium takes up another stereo loop, leaving you two mono loops. If you can leave the compressor before the ML10X that would basically do what you want i think?

As for putting mono after stereo, advanced mode lets you handle it however you like, be it summing the channels or picking one.

I too am tempted to get a second ML10X.