[Help] Chase Bliss Mood/Thermae + Omniport

Anyone with a Mood or Thermae + a MC3/6/8? I understand that the Omniport ring active option do not work with these devices. Hoping that someone can confirm that this issue exists.

I also need some help to test a software fix if the above issue exists. If anyone can help, let me know! I’ll just require you to update your firmware with that specific fix.

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It did not seem to work on my blooper either so I clipped the lead on my cable as a workaround

oh thanks! We do have a blooper but have not tried it with a MIDI controller yet. I didn’t know there were issues controlling it. I’ll test the fix on that :+1:

I’m not sure if there was an update to the Blooper’s firmware, but it seems to be working fine with the MC6 omniports, without the latest fix. Will dig further.

I have a Blooper and Mood pedal that I regularly use with my MC8. Never had an issue controlling either pedal with my MC8.

Hello Rick,

how did you configure the blooper to connect properly. Im using a midi to TRS and tested also on TRS omniport with a setting of MIDI OUT standard. Still didn’t work. I can’t seem to get a signal. Is there a way you could help me. There’s a tutorial that if i hold 2 stomps in blooper and then powering up, then release, it will learn the midi channel. But still didnt work. I set it up on midi channel 2 because it says that’s the default of blooper. Still no luck. desperately need help.

Not sure how to help but I didn’t do anything special to get blooper or mood to work with my MC8. For what it is worth, I use this cable to connect my blooper to my MC8 and a separate momentary foot switch. The momentary foot switch replicates the actions of the left foot switch on the blooper. Cable is just like any standard insert cable. One TS connector on this cable is connected to the TRS tip and one TS connector is connected to the ring. The TS connector that connects to the tip of the TRS goes into the momentary switch. The TS connector that that connects to the ring goes into the MC8. The TRS connector goes into the Bloopers midi/ext connector. The only possible confusion with this is that the MC8 is sending on the Tip not on the Ring so it is not the standard CBA setup in the MC8. MC8 just needs to be set to send midi on the TIP. For example, my mood pedal is connected with a regular TRS cable to the MC8 and the MC8 is sending midi on the ring, like is standard for all CBA pedals.