Hedra Midi Notes messages with MC6mkII

The Hedra will respond to midi notes to re-pitch its 3 voices. I cannot get it to work with the exp jack on my MC6mkII.

I can, however, get Hedra to respond to CC and Midi clock just fine as expected.

I have the port set to tip in the configuration. I’m running a Keystep37 into midi 5pin on MC6. TRS Midi out of exp 2 to Hedra configured for tip. MC6 global settings is for midi through.

I’ve also programmed a preset on MC6 to send a note message. Hedra is not getting it.

In the Morningstar app, I can see in the midi monitor that MC6 is receiving note on and off messages from my Keystep.

Do midi notes not pass through the exp port?

I DO have a Morningstar MIDI box. It’s working fine with that.

There was a bug. I have just uploaded the latest v3.8 firmware with this fix :+1:

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My first bug with a Morningstar! No complaints. Really great support! Thank you.

There was a bug introduced in the v3.8.7 firmware dated 2021-07-30 related to the expression pedal feature. We fixed it in the file 2021-08-02 - decided not to change the version number.

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Thank you. I thought there was something funny happening with EXP, but I didn’t mess with it long, and didn’t test with my existing presets.