Has my ML5 stopped working?

My ML5 worked great over the weekend. Today, I turned my rig on, and the ML5 is not responding to MIDI. I can engage and disengage loops manually, but no MIDI response. Further, my downstream MIDI pedal is not receiving MIDI either. I’ve checked all MIDI cables and other pedals and can confirm that the problem is with the ML5 receiving and passing through MIDI signals. Any advice? Is there a way to reset it? I need to play live a couple days this week and really need this to work. Thanks.


From our email correspondence, sounds like it might be faulty. I have replied you with the details.

I having a similar situation with mine.

As always, James and the Morningstar team are the best! In the end, my PCB had gone bad. James helped me troubleshoot and then got a new board to me right away. I swapped them out, and my ML5 is working as it should. Thanks for the great customer service, Morningstar!

Hi James, sorry to approach directly
This morning my ML5 waa working and since I was trying to fix my expression pedal, suddenly all lights switch On and I couldn’t disengage it anything. Then I decided to power off the ML5 and when I tried to power on no lights at all nothing is on. Please let me know what should I do?? thank you