H9 performance switch

For any of you who are having problems getting the h9 performance switch to behave correctly, I thought I’d share this, since there’s not much info out there and seems to be a lot of confusion.

You have to create momentary switch on your morningstar… the way to do that is to program two messages, one press message with a high cc value and one release message with a low cc value, both messages sharing the same cc# and midi channel. Toggle mode should be left off with both in position 1. (If toggle’s left on, it’ll take two presses to toggle between fast and slow).

So it’ll look something like this:

Msg 1 action-press type-control change. Pos-1 CCvalue:64-127
Msg 2 action-release type-control change Pos-1 CCvalue:0-63

Depending on the algorithm you’re using, but in most cases, you’ll have the delightful benefit of having latching AND momentary action in one switch. So with modulation, for instance, short presses toggle fast/slow while press/hold engages the brake. The exception to this rule is delay algorithms, in which you get latching only.

Hope this helps some of you.

I don’t think it’s possible but if anyone out there has a secret to controlling the ramp speed on the H9 rotary algorithm I’d love to know, thanks.


Thanks for posting this! Is there a way to get the slow/fast label to switch even though the switch is not in toggle mode?

Alternatively, can you put a push → CC127 / release → CC0 in both positions of a toggle mode rotation? This would send identical “performance switch” commands in both 1 and 2 but allow the label to toggle slow/fast. I’ll try it tonight and report back.

I’m not sure I understand your question or maybe you misunderstood stood my description. The slow/fast switching DOES work when toggle mode is OFF… In fact that’s the only way it works… In my understanding, with a momentary command, you’re essentially sending two messages with one button press, (a quick on,127, followed by off, 0) It doesn’t work right w toggle mode on because toggle implies two button presses, w one msg occurring on each press. I mean, it’ll work but, like I said, it takes two presses for slow, two presses for fast. Hope that makes sense.

I understood. The performance switch works as you described, that’s how I have it set up now.

The “problem” I’m trying to solve is to get the label on my MC3 to also toggle between “slow” and “fast”. I think I could get that happening with a toggle mode that sends the same thing on both state transitions, just switches labels. It’s not really a problem and obviously the delays would have a different function than slow/fast.

(Also if I ever drop a message or get out of sync, the slow/fast labels will be backwards but at least it’d work until then). Maybe I should just label the button slow/fast and be done.

Incidentally the Controller Editor Midi Dictionary for this entry is actually wrong, or at least incomplete in that you need to paste two messages, not one.

Oh one more thing on this topic, which I learned by accident today…

If you set msg 1 & 2 both to “press” (with everything else the same as described in my initial post), it’ll remove the brake functionality from H9’s modulation algorithms (Holding the button won’t do anything) but fast/slow toggling will still work.

If you want everything (fast/slow/brake), set msg 2 as “release” and holding down the button will engage the brake.

MirageIndigo, I just figured out how to do what you’re wanting:

Turn toggle mode on
Set Msg 1&2 both to Press action
Set Pos to Both (for both)
And then set short name & toggle name to fast and slow or whatever

You just won’t have brake.

Yep I got that working last night.

The main issue I had was in a MC3 with no communication about the toggle state back, the label is wrong half the time when switching back into that preset. I think I’ll go with the first method and preserve braking (although I don’t think braking is all that useful). I did figure out how to edit the expression pedal to also control speed, so that worked out well also.

You actually could still have the “brake state” even with the toggle, just step on the button and don’t release. The logic of the toggle state should still work in that the CC127 will be sent, but the CC0 would only be sent once you released.

So question for James, does the “toggle state” in the MC3 actually toggle on press or on release? Seems like release would be the best choice.

It’s true, if toggle is on and both msg positions are set to both, you can still get the hold for brake option… the problem you run into is every time you engage the brake, the toggle name toggles so your slow/fast labels get out of sync.