H9 midi knobs control through mc6 pro


I have just received my mc6 pro(My First Morningstar product) and am loving it so far, I have been battling with different midi controllers for years and the depth of control that I have here blows my mind - and gets me thinking!

I was wondering if it would be possible to have an external midi controller like an Arturia Keylab or an Akai midi mix(Or any suggestions) to control the knobs on the H9 (the ones accessible only on an iPad etc).

I have seen that this is possible using Ableton live and connecting directly to the pedal but I would like to avoid this if possible! I am already able to control one setting via an expression pedal I have hooked up.



should be possible if you can control the knobs by sending CC messages. For example, you could set up a bank on the MC with a couple of presets to switch between expression pedal functions. (Preset A controls CC 1, preset B controls CC 2 and so on)
You could also program a preset using the ‘message scroll’ feature to have that function on one single footswitch. The downside is that it is currently not possible to save pedal positions, you will encounter sudden jumps of what ever parameter you want to control when moving the pedal initially