H9 bypass/Toggle CC with MC6


i did set up simple messages to control my H9 with Pos1 to Progam change and Pos2 to bypass the H9.

It works perfectly but when I switch from a preset to another one and want to come on the 1st one, it just bypass the H9.

I think this is normal because pos2 has been set up to bypass the H9 and since it does not go through pos2, once i came back to this preset it just send message for pos2. But is there any possibility to not “remember” preset toggle pos when you switch to another preset through a PC ?

Not sure if i’m clear enough, so you can see how i did set up my presets at the moment

Your help on this would be grateful as i become crazy chasing for a solution :slight_smile:

Cheers !


Sounds like you need to use the Set Toggle message in your other preset to reset your Preset A back to Pos 1. It’ll look something like this:

Hi James,

many thanks for your quick feedback, that works perfectly now :slight_smile:

time response is aweome here !!!



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