GT-1000 Core Midi implementation

Hi all,
I am just starting with both the MC8 and the Gt-1000 Core. So, I’m trying to get the lay of the land.

I am familiar with PC commands and loading a Core patch. But the Core has multiple banks, so how do I switch banks?

As for CC commands, do I understand it correctly, that there are only 16 assigns for CCs plus the 5 Control switches (which can be set to be triggered by CCs)?

This seems strange to me. If I understand this correctly, if I wanted to use an Expression pedal via midi to control 4 Core parameters, I would need to use 4 of the assigns?

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Hi Boris,
just to clear some things up:

I don’t think there are multiple banks on the GT Core. It’s just a midi thing. If you want to recall more than 127 patches (the Core has 250 user patches) you’ll need a way to tell the unit when to proceed with counting, since there are just 128 PC numbers (0-127). If you want to recall patch 129 you have to send a “bank change” and a PC# 0.

That’s correct.

Unfortunatly not. The Boss website suggests this, but it doesn’t work this way.

I’m sorry, that’s just the way it is.

Try this tutorial by Morningstar to get started.

And feel free to ask if you got more questions, I’m always trying to help if I can.

Thank you for the info! So, how do the Controls 2-5 work if I set them to CC midi? Are they sending midi?

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That’s what the parameter guide says. Check this on page 48

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If you want to change banks on the Boss GT-1000CORE I can see the format of the message in the MIDI implementation for that device, but what Message type do I use in the MC6 Editor?
Just looking for a way to select a Preset in the GTCORE which is above 127.

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Sorry for the ignorance but I’m a newbie with the MC6.

I seem to have found a solution to the question I posed above, I’m not sure whether it’s the best solution or whether it is completely inelegant.
As the GT-1000CORE has 2 banks (0 and 1) you need to send a CC to tell it which bank to use (otherwise it will always use Bank 0 by default, followed by a PC#.

Bank 0 is U001 to U125 (PC# 0 -124)
Bank 1 is U126 to U250 (PC# 0-124)

I make a Press action in Msg 1 with a Trigger action to trigger Msg2 and 3
Msg2 is a Control Change with CC#0 and Value 1 (which will shift to Bank 1)
Msg3 is a Program Change message with PC# xx-126 (where xx is the User program you want)
e.g. if you want to select U134 on the GT-1000CORE your PC# should be 8

This uses 3 Msgs but you could also do it with 2 Msgs using Press and Release actions.
Msg1 Action: Press Type: Control Change to specify bank 0 or 1
Msg2 Action: Release Type: Program Change to select the desired patch on the GT-1000CORE

Which is the preferred way to do this? Are there any disadvantages to doing it one way or the other?


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First I’d like to ask if you are sure that it is in fact CC#1? I believe it should be CC#0.
To answer your question: if it works it is fine! I’d personally keep things always as simple as possible. MSG1 on ‘press’ send CC to change banks, MSG2 on ‘press’ send PC#. If the GT doesn’t respond as intended, I’d add a delay between MSG1 and MSG2. Your solution to send the PC# on ‘release’ is totally fine, though.

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You’re absolutely right it should be CC#0. I had done it properly in the editor and it worked, I just mistyped, sorry for any confusion.
I’ll edit my post accordingly.
I agree that the Press and Release actions are a simpler way to do it.

I feel like I’ve achieved something in my first day of using the MC6.


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I also discovered that you can access the Preset s P001-P250 by sending CC Bank messages before the appropriate PC.

Bank 0 is U001 to U125 (PC# 0-124)
Bank 1 is U126 to U250 (PC# 0-124)
Bank 2 is P001 to P125 (PC# 0-124)
Bank 3 is P126 to P250 (PC# 0-124)

Every day’s a school day.



I realized this fact as well, but what is complex to me is having to force the switch of the bank by adding a trigger action? That is very confusing. Why can’t you send a bank id number? I need to test sending these triggers, but that will make my life so complex beyond belief. Trying to remember the cc# value for a bank just to switch to the correct pc value… there has to be a better way to do this.

Ok I just figured this out. This part of what was reported is correct:

User Presets:
Bank 0 is U001 to U125 (PC# 0-124). User Banks 1-127
Bank 1 is U126 to U250 (PC# 0-124). User Banks 128-250

Factory Presets:
Bank 2 is P001 to P125 (PC# 0-124). Factory Banks 1-127
Bank 3 is P126 to P250 (PC# 0-124). Factory Banks 128-250

However the only thing that works for me is this:
MSG 1 (Used to change bank number)
Action: Press Type: Control Change CC#0 and the bank values are 0-3
MSG 2 (Used to change patch number)
Action Press Type: Program Change Pc number: value of the patch

I tried press and release and it was just not working for me. I wish this was alot more clear in the Boss documentation it would save others hours of combing through that midi implementation document that is showing system exclusive messages only.

Hi .The only thing I would say is: how many sounds do you really use?
Shuffle them into one bank and cut your work load down.

I am still in discovery mode honestly. I actually like many of the factory patches and now that I can recall them via program change I won’t be messing around too much with user presets unless I want to make my own. Over time you can build quite a few having options of preset memory locations is a good thing.

That’s the way it is, I’m afraid. There are 500 presets on the GT-1000 CORE but only 128 PC change messages in MIDI.
One way would be to put all the presets you plan to use into presets U001-U125, then you wouldn’t have to do any bank switching.
Alternatively, in the GT-1000CORE you can assign any preset to any of the 128 PC numbers - again no need then to switch banks.

@ast3rix If you want to change the PC numbers in the GT-1000CORE. as I suggested above, in TONE STUDIO go to MENU and select MIDI PROGRAM MAP and you can select which GT Preset corresponds to each of the PC number in each bank of the GT-1000CORE. This would save you having to give a CC bank change in front of each PC. You are still limited to 128 presets but it might save you from having to move around a bunch of presets.
I don’t know why you can’t get the Press & Release actions to work. It works fine for me on my MC6. Are you still having problems with this?