Grouping Multiple Commands

Hi- is there any way to ‘group’ multiple commands, so you can recall a sequence of them with a single press?

For example- rather than duplicate the same few commands in different presets (either to multiple devices, or multiple commands to the same device), it would be handy to just refer to the sequence, defined elsewhere. Also, this makes it easier to change one variable without having to update multiple presets with the same change.

The closest thing I can see is the sequencer generators, but the sequences don’t allow you to specify MIDI channel or CC.


Hi! Set up such commands in empty spaces within your banks / presets and then use Engage Preset or Trigger Messages. Pros and cons for each method, have a read of “Morningstar Device (self) Control” section of Message Type List

Well that is perfect :slight_smile: Trigger messages will completely solve the problem.

Thank you!

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Yeah I have some “utility banks” with messages sequences that I call from other banks, you can even nest engage presets within engage presets, giving you a huge amount of messages with a single button action.

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