Ground Loop or noise issue

I have a Synergy Vai module in an Synergy SN-1. I’m experiencing noise when placing the SYN-1 in a loop on the ML10x.

I don’t have the same issue if I plug the SYN-1 output into the ML10x input in mono,

The way I’d like to have it is:

Guitar → ML10x →


LOOPS C->E <> Stereo Other stuff (Currently unplugged for debugging purposes)

Are both the ML10X and SYN-1 powered with isolated power outputs?

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Hey James :grin:
The ML10x is powered from a CIOKS DC7 and the Synergy is powered from the same power strip as the CIOKs but using an iFi GND Defender (the iFi made no difference)

Just to check, is non of the devices connected to a pc or some other device that is connected to a wall outlet? I experience ground issues when i connect devices to my laptop, when the laptop is connected to its power adapter.

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I’ve isolated the whole thing and test by plugging my headphones straight out of the ML10x.

I can confirm that the noise is still there when the Synergy is in a loop of the ML10x. But when it’s connected to the input of the ML10x there’s no noise. Hrrm… come to think of it… maybe if I just try outputting to the return of a loop like treating it as an input and see. My gut feeling is there will be no noise until I use the send of the loop.

I’ll give it a try

I definitely have a ground loop. But a weird one, I enabled ground lift on the Synergy output and it has removed the noise and then I added the Two Notes - Opus inline after the Synergy (Syn-1 OUT to Opus IN) and yup… it came back. :grimacing:

I then removed the ground loop on the Synergy and the noise was louder so i re-enabled the lift (Ok kind of expected) and then had to use another ground lift on the Opus. This time it removed the noise again :person_facepalming:t4:

But at least i managed to find the noise sources. :sweat_smile:

@sKenDread is this because the ML10X is being used as an A/B? I have a similar issue when using it as an A/B on output with an amp and QC. I have a isolation pedal arriving which will sit between the ML10X and QC, which I’m hoping will resolve the issue.