Going from mono to stereo with Hex -> ML10X

I have been trying to set up my board after having to take a break for a while due to work. I am wondering how I make the transition from my mono midi switcher (Voodoo Lab Hex) to my stereo midi switcher (ML10X). From what I remember, for the audio signal, I was told I have to use a mono to stereo capable pedal to go from my mono switcher to my stereo switcher. Unless I’m having a brain fart, wouldn’t it mean this would be out of the looper(s) and only would be able to be controlled by midi, i.e., not the ml10x? I would be using either a chase bliss generation loss mkii or strymon deco v2.

The ML10X inputs and outputs are stereo via 1/4 TRS or mono via 1/4 TS. The ML10X is capable of running completely in stereo if and when the signal flow is stereo. If the pedals are mono, the signal will be mono (unless in advanced mode and the flow includes what is essentially a dry signal which bypasses the mono pedal). using the TRS splitter cable that Morningstar also sell, the signal can be passed to a stereo pedal then back into the ML10X and onwards to the next stereo pedal, and out to independent amps or stereo input.

Could you use a TS to TRS cable to go from the Hex to the ML10X?

The ml10x has basically multiple y splits build in If you use it in advanced mode. You could just go mono in and you’re good.
If you want to use it in simple mode I’ d recommend a passive y split between the hex and the ml10. This will help to avoid groundloops etc.

by passive y split, do you mean just a mono Ts → two mono ts cables? and would that be the most versatile option for the ml10x input?

No, I’m talking about something like this, build in isolators, ground lift and phase flip. Lehle isn’t cheap but good quality. The p split is a nice tool for all kinds of applications, check it out.

The ML10X is buffered throughout with quality buffers. There’s no need for the additional splitter, unless a ground lift is needed.

right but whether you go into it mono or stereo affects how it can be run, no?

Technically yes, although the difference might not matter depending on your use-cases and signal paths.

Sort of. It influences what you can do with it but even in simple mode, a stereo path is achievable. Only in advanced mode does it stop the ability to toggle loops on/off.

This is the demo screen for simple mode which shows the stereo path is very viable. It’s also worth noting the tip and ring inputs and outputs can be mixed, they don’t have to correspond tip to tip or ring to ring:

Just to clarify. Is there a way to plug a TS (mono) cable into the ML10X and then convert to stereo in a standard preset? I know it’s possible in an Advanced preset. If the answer is no then you would need something like the Lehle box suggested above, right?

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Unfortunately no. This is a feature I would really love @james .

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Yes, I think we can add that! Basically an option in the global settings which sets what you want the second row’s input to be (default is Input Ring but can be set to Input Tip, Return A etc).


Tested firmware. Obviously more work for the UX needs to be done, but this should work. In Global Settings on the controller (not on the editor), there is a new Set Input Split option. Set it to Input Tip if you are not using the Input Ring and want the Input Tip to be split to the 2 rows in Simple mode. Default setting is Input Ring

2023-09-12_ML10X_Firmware_v_1_2_0_Beta.hex (505.3 KB)


@james After installing this firmware and setting up the input split to Input Tip, my presets all look strange in the editor and on the device. I assume this is purely cosmetic and that the signal is actually being routed correctly?

Can you share a screenshot of this? I just tested this and didn’t see anything off in the editor.

EDIT: Sorry, let me double check this again. I might have uploaded the wrong firmware here.

It sounds right, it just isn’t showing any of the split tip (2nd row) loops. I’ll take a screenshot tomorrow.

I can confirm it isn’t showing correct in the editor - let me check on this now

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Updated firmware here:
2023-10-04_ML10X_Firmware_v_1_1_3.hex (505.8 KB)

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is there any chance I can get an ML10x firmware that has:
the global ML10x ID fix
the stereo tip/ring output mirroring fix (not the input mirroring on this thread) (didn’t realize I found the wrong one!)
? please and thank you!
I ask because I currently have 2 ml10x in series and am using the mirrored output of the first as my dry send. without the mirrored output fix, I just have a stereo board and a since I’m doing WDW, I have some kill dry in place