Glitchy noises when toggling a preset

Hey forum!
I have an issue with my MC3. Whenever I toggle a preset, there’s a small, metallic pop/noise. This doesn’t bother me that much, but when I use my expression pedal, it’s as if every single cc value change makes the same noise, and it gets really loud.

If I go to a bank without exp settings, the sound goes away. Any advice?


There’s a ground loop, probably due to one of your TRS MIDI devices which does not have an opto-isolator. More info here: There is MIDI Noise in my Audio signal

Ah cool! Should have found that guide myself. I tried searching around, but I can’t really figure out whether it’s enough to isolate one of the trs-cables, or if I have to isolate all of them to break the loop. Hope it makes sense.

I’d try to take one pedal at a time out of the signal chain and see if the problem persists, that way you can figure out which one is the culprit. Once you know that, there might be an easy fix, like changing the omniport settings.

I have a Meris Enzo and a Meris Mercury7 receiving midi from my MCIII. And I also have an expression pedal going into the exp1. Both pedals are connected with the same kind of cables. Trs 3.5 to a 3.5-6.3 mm adapter.

When I unplug the midi jack from the MCIII sending midi to the Mercury7 the noise stops. It gets quieter when I unplug the Enzo.

Can I change the cable going into the Mercury7 to fix it? And do any of you have any advice on what to look for in a cable? I found the Strymon cables recommended by Morningstar, but I need a 3.5mm instead of a 6.3mm.

Thanks so much for the help!

I solved the noise issue with a MC3 into an Enzo and Red Panda Raster v2 by changing the dip switches as noted in the MC3 instructions.

Meris and Empress pedals receive MIDI via the Tip and need the Ring floating (unpowered). So to connect to these pedals, the switches should be in the following positions:

R+ Down

R Down

T Up

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Finally got around to open op my morningstar. The dip switches looks right. GuitarWolf, were you talking about the dip switches aswell? I feel like a total noob, lol. Thanks for all the help, guys.

sort of, I have a MC8. No need for dip switches, I can do this via the editor :laughing: