GFI Specular Tempus Toggle Presets


I try to active my Slots A or B on the Tempus and it works, but the toggle thing makes that sometimes pressing the other slot on the mc-8 bypasses, instead of changing the slot.

is there any behavior thing i miss?

Settings: Toggle Activated

A Switch:
Press CC 18 Value 127 (Pos: 1) Load Patch A
Press CC 22 Value 0 (Pos: 2) Bypass

B Switch:
Press CC 19 Value 127 (Pos: 1) Load Patch B
Press CC 22 Value 0 (Pos: 2) Bypass

Is there a way to synchronize the toggles in any way?

best regards! :slight_smile:

I don’t have the Tempus but if I’m understanding correctly you got a couple options. Easiest would be under “Bank Settings” in the editor, turn on “Clear Preset Toggles”
This would mean if you press A (now is in toggle pos2) and then hit B, it will reset A to toggle pos1 with the next press on A sending just the Load Patch A command.

Another round about way to program this is using an action type “Set Toggle” at the beginning of each preset. This way you can ‘manually’ deactivate any toggle state (or leave certain presets alone)


“Clear Preset Toggle” - Exacly what i was looking for! Thanks!

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