Generating massive feedback on switch MC6+ Midibox

Fairly new to midi and I’m struggling to find why I will occasionally have a very loud feedback sound when I hit a switch on my mc6 - I thought it might be trails going into a reverb change in my illumine — but can’t seem to regularly reproduce the issue - usually the sound will stop if I click the same button a second time. I don’t have midi connected to the return on the mc6 - everything is going out through the midibox and to multiple pedals including the Neunaber Illumine, Free the Tone Future Factory, Ramble FX Kismet and Walrus M1. Any thoughts are welcome.

Neither the MC6 nor the Midibox have audio outputs and do not produce or transmit audio. Whatever feedback loop you are experiencing has to be happening among the audio gear you’re controlling.

Without seeing a diagram of how you have audio routed it’s hard to speculate on the problem.

For sure there is no audio signal going through the midi messaging. The path is pretty standard Drive section —> volume pedal > EQ pedal > Triavatar Chorus out stereo > future factory in and out stereo > Illumine Reverb in and out stereo > cab / speaker sim to PA / Monitors.

Even with volume toggled off I can click the switch and get crushing feedback until I click the switch again and it stops. Is it possible to have a midi message loop in the midi box? Though that is supposed to be isolated. — thought I would see if anyone else has ever had feedback issues using midi with delay and reverb.

The MIDI Box just splits the incoming MIDI signal into multiple signals/outputs. I’d recommend troubleshooting by removing each MIDI connection one by one for each of your MIDI device then see which device is causing the issue.

If it’s a loud feedback (not a tick sound caused by a ground loop) then it’s definitely being generated by one of the devices after it receives a MIDI command.

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Do any of the pedals have functionality to change internal audio routing? If so I’d check to see if any of their presets (especially drive pedals because of the gain involved) are routed in a way that would loop the audio somehow?

Or maybe a preset on the MC is sending midi to one of the pedals that’s affecting such a function?

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Let me check that - I turned off trails in my reverb but there may be similar settings in one or two of the others that I’m not accounting for. Thanks!

Yep loud - like speaker damaging loud and constant and growing - but thanks I’ll go through the isolation of each and see if I can narrow it down. - as a side note I’m turning on all devices I’m using via CC each time - though they are often already on — no chance of that being an issue is there?

Wouldn’t think so… unless the CC in question is doing something odd to the audio.

No chance that the MC6 has anything to do with this. It just sends commands to the connected MIDI devices to “tell” them what to do, according to how you programmed it. Even if there is a ground loop, it’ll just sound like a faint tick sound (1 tick per MIDI message). Nothing related to the audio at all.

I think the best step forward now would be to isolate each device and find the culprit. What’s your signal chain like? Is everything all connected in series?

Thanks all - I might have sorted it - at least O haven’t had the issue - seems like an issue with the Illumine - a global setting to delay the change to a new setting on press rather than an immediate switch … I need to pressure test as I also turned off trails all the way down the chain. I did have one pedal I was using the midi through as I didn’t have enough mini to midi connectors but that is sorted now.

Appreciate the suggestions - I’ll update if I find something different but worth a note for other illumine users to check global settings - not sure why the delay would be an issue but seems to have solved it switching to immediate change.