General question about ML5

Hello everyone (and ML5 owner) !

I’m looking to buy an ML5 but i’ve some question :

1) - Can I choose and program the path order of the loop ? for Example :

Preset 1 : Loop order B–> A–> E
Preset 2 : Loop order C–> B–> D

2) - Can you Use ML5 as Merger Or Splitter ? for example :

i want to Plug as : Synthetizer 1 —>ML5 IN ----> LOOP PATH B and C —> ML5 OUT

Synthetiser 2 ----> ML5 RETURN A —> LOOP PATH D & E —> E path will not have the Return Plugged but instead it will go directly to
my AMP input as a separate instrument.

To 1) No, it’s always A → B → C → D → E
But seems they’re working on something…