Gauss Controller

Has anyone used Morningstar MC6 to trigger controls on the iPad app Gauss? Have tried syncing midi commands via AUM but does not appear to respond to my attempts to set up midi cc, despite matching in the AUM midi matrix, and Morningstar midi editor.

If this is the ‘’ Gauss app, then I have the answer and you probably won’t like it. You can’t do it from the iPad. However, Gauss can be exported as an AU (AUv3 - Audio Unit). The only way you could possibly control this app is if you export it to a DAW that allows MIDI input.
For instance,you could import the Gaus AU into Logic Pro, then watch dozens of YopuTube vids on Logic Pro & MIDI, Logic Pro & how to use AU plug ins - All of which is w-a-a-y beyond the scope of your original question, and probably w-a-a-y more difficult than you anticipated.
If you want to know if it can be directly controlled on the iPad, then the answer is ‘no’. That app is a stand-alone, sandboxed app with no MIDI control.

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Thank you for the response. An interesting way to think about it, and I will give it a go. Would be nice to be able to use midi controllers to trigger Gauss on the iPad also. Much appreciated

Caveat - I don’t use Gauss or an iPad. I just read the Gauss manual. Based on what was documented, I saw no external control. It looks like a stand-alone app where the only input is via the touch screen and the only output is thru the headphone jack, so there would be no way to control it via MIDI.